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CD Review - Aquarion Evol Eve no Shihen (Psalms of Eve) (review by Major Start)
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Title: Aquarion Evol Eve no Shihen (Psalms of Eve)
Label: Victor Entertainment
Catalog no.: VTCL-60298
Release Date: 23/05/2012
Playing time: 69'11"
Tracks: 21 (+ 1 bonus)
From: Japan
Price: 3.045¥
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Here is the soundtrack of Aquarion Evol, TV serie of 26 episodes broadcasted in 2012, which is the sequel to "Sousei no Aquarion" (2005).
Once more, the famous Miss KANNO Yôko (Cowboy Bebop, Genesis of Aquarion, Turn A Gundam, Brain Powerd, Escaflowne, Wolf's Rain, Macross Frontier) is music producer and composer for its soundtrack. For the symphonic compositions, we can also count the help of Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. For the songs, still composed by Yôko KANNO, fans will be happy to hear the singer AKINO (KAWAMITSU Akino) and her family band "bless4". With such a nice team, we cannot wait to get and listen to this beautiful album. BGM and songs are in line with the first serie for our greater benefit.

From the beginning, the music immerse us in the Aquarion world. The short theme "Pandora Pandora" is sung a cappella by the Warsaw philharmonic chorus, and we will hear them again in tracks n°19, "Souseiki #2", and n°22, "Secret track".
Then, we have "Paradoxical ZOO" (n°2), the second opening in full version, and "Eve no danpen" (n°3), an insert song (played in episodes 4, 6 & 11). AKINO's voice is really awesome and the music is catchy, as usual. Her next songs are similar: "Kimi no shinwa ~ Aquarion dai ni shou" (n°5): the first opening theme; and "Gekkou symphonia" (n°11): the ending theme sung with her brother "AIKI". Really well composed music, especially for this last one! But unfortunately my favorite one of AKINO is not included in this album. I am talking about "Zero Zero", a song filled with emotion used at the end of episode 26, available in the second CD of Aquarion Evol: "LOVE@New Dimension" (ref: VTCL-60315).
Don’t worry, because there is that one used, amongst others, in the 1st episode's introduction; it is an orchestral/opera song named "Aquaria mau sora" (n°21), performed by The Member of LSOT and played with strings, piano and keyboards. 6 minutes of pure happiness!

Also note the 2nd ending "Yunoha no mori" (n°8) performed by OGURA Yui, voice actress of character Yunoha Thrul. It is quite cute.

Regarding the BGMs, we can find some tracks used in the first season of Sousei no Aquarion (2005), such as "A jealous flapper" (n°7), a beautiful symphonic theme, and "Seiotoha" (n°12), the Holy Angel Toma theme, sung by a male chorus. Personally, one of my favorites BGM is "Sousei Carnaval" (n°16), an orchestral theme, which is very intense and emotional. From 2'30", the rhythm accelerates and we can recognize 2 former pieces which are strung together. The first is 'Aquarius' (Sousei no Aquarion OST1 n°2), the other "Exodus" (OST2 n°12). Both are BGM used during the fighting sequences. It takes your breath away, fabulous!

In conclusion, while it is true that this album contains a lot of songs in comparison to both previous soundtracks of Aquarion, it is always a pleasure to find KANNO Yôko again. Her compositions are, as usual, really beautiful. So it is a good opportunity to complete your KANNO collection or simply your best anime music! I also recommend to watch this anime. Enjoy.

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