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CD Review - Aquarion Evol LOVE@New Dimension (review by Major Start)
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Title: Aquarion Evol - LOVE@New Dimension
Label: Victor Entertainment
Catalog no.: VTCL-60315
Release Date: 25/07/2012
Playing time: 73'50"
Tracks: 18 (+ 1 bonus)
From: Japan
Price: 3.045¥
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This CD actually is a sort of best of songs of "Sousei Aquarion" & "Aquarion Evol", gathering no less than 14 songs (on 19 tracks), including 11 sung by AKINO (KAWAMITSU Akino). All these musics have been composed by KANNO Yôko (Cowboy Bebop, Turn A Gundam, Brain Powerd, Escaflowne, Wolf's Rain, Macross Frontier).

For those who already own the previous albums of Aquarion, this one will not provide anything new. Only very few of them are unreleased: "a tot" (n°9), "tori ni natte" (n°10), "unforgettable" (n°11), "shouten shouka" (n°12), "hikari no cadenza" (n°14), "zankyou encore" (n°16), "Zero Zero" (n°17), "Genesis of love ~ Ai no kigen" (n°18), and "Secret track" (n°19).

Among them, we will remember in particular: "unforgettable" (n°11), a peaceful and beautiful music played with a harp, strings, accompagnied by a flute. It is the instrumental version of "Celiane theme" (OST 2, n°7). Simply wonderful! "Zankyou encore" is a piano melody with various electronic sounds, as if it comes from space (used in the episode 23). From 2 minutes 30, the track turns to an unforgettable moment filled with emotion, with the instrumental version of "Kimi no shinwa ~ Aquarion dai ni shou", the first opening theme of Aquarion Evol. The only comment I have is: thank you KANNO Yôko for all.
We arrive at one of the best song, "Zero Zero" (n°17) performed by AKINO and played with drums, bass, guitars and strings. We can hear it at the end of the last episode, which I never get tired listening to.
Finally, we have "Genesis of love ~ Ai no kigen" (n°18), the slow version of the very famous opening theme, performed by AKINO in japanese/english, and accompanied by piano & keyboards, drums, guitars and synthesizer manipulating. Just memorable.

All remaining tracks are of good quality, but have been previously released. So, I am not going to describe them. All I can tell you is I really like the voice of AKINO, and in this CD, we have no less than 11 songs with her!

In short, I strongly recommend the four Aquarion soundtracks (so even this one), as they will provide you (almost) all BGM and songs! But the best one for me is still Sousei no Aquarion OST 2 (VICL-61649).

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