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Reviews » Casshern Sins
CD Review - Casshern Sins Original Soundtrack (review by Major Start)
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Title: Casshern Sins Original Soundtrack
Label: Sony Music Distribution
Catalog no.: MUCD-1202
Release Date: 25/02/2009
Playing time: 51'27" + 4'30"
Tracks: 26 (+ 3 bonus)
From: Japan
Price: 2.500¥
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How to describe this soundtrack? Mirroring the anime story, the music is sometimes quite dark, depressing, deep, with an atmosphere of apocalypse, sometimes soft, beautiful and poetic.

The musics are signed by WADA Kaoru (Vampire Princess Miyu, InuYasha, 3x3 Eyes, Lodoss War TV, Princess Tutu, Harlock Saga OAV), a composer, pianist and music orchestrator.
Overall, musics are short (mostly 1 minute 30), pretty discreet, quiet and light. They actually look the same each other. Many of them were used during fight scenes.
But thankfully some stand out from the others: "Roamer" (n°4), a simple melody on guitar; "RINGO" (n°5), "Life of Flowers" (n°13) and "Peaceful" (n°14), are 3 melancholic themes on flute and strings -pretty cutes-; and "A Path" (n°15), one of my favorite tracks in this anime, is used at the very end of the episode 8 (sung by Janice) and episode 24 (ending theme). This song, performed by MIYAHARA Nami and played, amongst others, with piano and strings, is absolutely beautiful, very sad and filled of emotions. Just for that, this CD deserves to be bought! The second song by MIYAHARA Nami and the theme dedicated to Luna are unfortunately not included here, and you must get the album "Casshern Sins Special Complete" (NECA-30240) to complete your collection.

So an album very unique like the anime. To discover absolutely!

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