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Reviews » Card Captor Sakura
CD Review - Card Captor Sakura Complete Vocal Collection (review by Major Start)
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Title: Card Captor Sakura Complete Vocal Collection
Label: Victor Entertainment
Catalog no.: VICL-60681~84
Release Date: 21/02/2001
Playing time: 2 hours 46 minutes
Tracks: 38
From: Japan
Price: 8.190¥
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Here is a classic of anime music, gathering all songs of Card Captor Sakura (TV serie & movies). This actually is one of the few anime where nearly all vocals (significant number!) are quite cute and enjoyable to hear. On the condition of course that you are fan of Card Captor Sakura and of its magical atmosphere.

So, the Complete Vocal Collection contains 4 CD:

- The first part is dedicated to the main character, all performed by TANGE Sakura (seiyuu of Sakura). She has a childish voice, but nevertheless charming.

- The second CD is sung by IWAO Junko (seiyuu of Tomoe), with her little girl's voice as well.

- The Disc-3 regroups all opening and ending themes of Card Captor Sakura, including the excellent "Platina" (CD3, n°6), composed by the famous KANNO Yôko (Cowboy Bebop, Genesis of Aquarion, Aquarion Evol, Turn A Gundam, Escaflowne) and performed by one of the best anime singer, SAKAMOTO Maaya. Note as well the music composition of SAGISU Shirô (Evangelion, Nadia, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou) for the 2nd movie theme, "Ashita e no melody" (n°9), sung by CHAKA.
- The Disc-4 are dedicated to character songs, performed by the voice actors of the anime cast.

My favorite songs are: "Hitotsu dake (Happy Blue Mix)" (CD1 n°4), especially for the instrumental of KUSUNOSE Seishiro, japanese singer-songwriter, really magic and awesome ;
"Koko ni kite" (CD2 n°3), sung by IWAO Junko, I particuraly like the celtic instrumental composed by KISHIMURA Masami, it's just so gentle and relaxing… Simply beautiful ;
"Yasashisa no tane (Tender Strings Mix)" (CD2 n°4) and "Tomo e (Peaceful Strings Mix)" (CD2 n°5), both sung by IWAO Junko and composed by HAMAGUCHI Shiro. The music is played with piano and strings, and accompanied by the Tomoeda Elementary School Chorus Club. So beautiful, clean and lovely.
"Tooi kono machi de" (CD3 n°5), performed by KAITANI Naomi and composed by KAITANI Naomi. This is one of those songs which you never get tired of listening even if you repeat it over and over.
And, of course, the awesome "Platina" (CD3, n°6), sung by SAKAMOTO Maaya and composed by KANNO Yôko. I love the instrumental, played with bass, violin, piano, drum and guitar.

In short, this album, containing four CD's and including songs only, is reserved for Card Captor Sakura's fans. The majority of vocals are pretty childish and cute, so it will be not necessarily for everyone.

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