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CD Review - Evangelion PianoForte #1 (review by Major Start)
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Title: Evangelion PianoForte #1
Label: King Records
Catalog no.: KICA-3216
Release Date: 23/10/2013
Playing time: 69'01"
Tracks: 18
From: Japan
Price: 3.086¥
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As its name indicates, this CD contains many famous themes of Evangelion, which have been only played with piano (sometimes accompanied by other instruments like strings). Many pianists participated in this record: MIYAGI Junko (n°3, 7, 8, 11, 17, 18), KURIYA Makoto (n°2), KITA Rumiko (n°4, 15), SHIMA Ken (n°10), NAKANISHI Yasuhara (n°5), YAMASHITA Yosuke (n°12, 14), SASAJI Masanori (n°16), SHIONOYA Satoru (n°13), and MASTUMOTO Kazumasa (n°6).
We also find the singer Arianne on "M10_nakanishi_arianne" (n°5) and "M11_shionoya_arianne" (n°13). Unfortunatly, Arianne's vocals have been just extracted from the old albums, so nothing new here.

Basically, this CD, only played with piano, is recommended first to the Evangelion fans who wish to complete their collections. The others will stick to the original themes, more memorable.

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