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CD Review - Evangelion 〜refrain〜 The songs were inspired by "EVANGELION" (review by Major Start)
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Title: Evangelion 〜refrain〜 The songs were inspired by "EVANGELION"
Label: King Records
Catalog no.: KICA-378
Release Date: 06/11/1997
Playing time: 59'19"
Tracks: 14
From: Japan
Price: 3.059¥
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Here is one of my favorite CDs of Evangelion, released in 1997. It is not produced by SAGISU Shirô, as one would expect, but by OUMORI Toshiyuki (Shaman King, Amagami SS, Evangelion (TV) -music arrangement-). It gathers 3 BGM and 11 songs, which have been inspired from the TV serie. The singer is none other than the famous TAKAHASHI Yôko, better known for her performance of "Zankoku na tenshi no These" (n°2).

In other words, I highly recommend this album to all: you will not regret it! TAKAHASHI Yôko has a beautiful voice and I really love all of her songs. This actually is the kind of CD you can easily listen on a loop.

My favorite tracks: "Prologue de Refrain" (n°1), BGM composed by SATO Hidetoshi with keyboards and strings. It actually is a cover of the song "Tamashii no Rufuran" (n°12), really good. "Zankoku na tenshi no These" (n°2) of course; and "Mugen houyou" (n°10), a beautiful song played with piano and violin.

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