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Reviews » Flying Witch
CD Review - Flying Witch Original Soundtrack (review by Major Start)
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Title: Flying Witch Original Soundtrack
Label: VAP
Catalog no.: VPCG-81875
Release Date: 25/05/2016
Playing time: 78'13"
Tracks: 44
From: Japan
Price: 3.240¥
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Here is the OST of Flying Witch, TV serie of 12 episodes broadcasted since April 2016. Music are composed by DEWA Yoshiaki (Amnesia, A Lull in the Sea).

Overall, music are pretty simple and acoustic, and we mainly find here following instruments: flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, strings and, of course, piano.
Although tracks are well composed, they are unfortunately not memorable at all (especially taken out of context).
So, we have in total 44 short tracks (lasting less than 2 minutes) dedicated for the majority to comedy and funny scenes. Of course, they are very cute but not really interesting to listen to.

Some tracks stand out from the crowd: "Kowata Makoto" (n°2), pretty theme of the main protagonist, played with piano and oboe, really beautiful ; "Aoi Mori" (n°13), calm and gorgeous music, which is a cover of the track n°2, played with piano and accompanied by strings ; "Flying Witch" (n°17), the part from 1'10" is awesome (especially at 1'55"), played with piano, harp and strings. Simply fairy-tale and magic!

Note is included the ending theme in short version, "Nichijou no Mahou" (n°44), sung by seiyuu of Makoto (SHINODA Minami) & Chinatsu (SUZUKI Eri).

In short, a pretty good album without, however, being exceptional and memorable. Indeed, the vast majority of BGM are monotonous (especially taken out of context) and sound like almost the same. So, I would recommend this CD only to Flying Witch's fans.

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