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Reviews » Hajime no Ippo - New Challenger (TV)
CD Review - Hajime no Ippo New Challenger Original Soundtrack (review by Major Start)
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Title: Hajime no Ippo New Challenger Original Soundtrack
Label: Victor Entertainment
Catalog no.: VPCG-84893
Release Date: 22/05/2009
Playing time: 69'04"
Tracks: 34
From: Japan
Price: 2.500¥
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For those who know musics of the previous serie released in 2001, do not expect the same level and electric ambiance! On the contrary, it is more peaceful, nostalgic, and with a lot of symphonic compositions.

The new composer, HIRANO Yoshihisa (Death Note, Himitsu ~The Revelation~, Real Drive), tries to match (but without real success) the work of the genius IMAHORI Tsuneo. Here, all rock compositions with guitar are definitely not comparable to the first serie. Maybe, only one stands out among the rest: the track n°6, "Shift weight".
However, fortunately, most symphonic tracks are wonderful. After all, it is the composer of Death Note! But musics do not always fit with this boxing anime serie, that's all. A collaboration with IMAHORI (especially musics used in training/fighting scenes) would have been preferable in this album.

My favorite tracks on this soundtrack are orchestral compositions: "Twilight" (n°2), one the best musics I have ever heard on this CD. So peaceful, melancholic and absolutely beautiful, played with strings and a hautbois; "To be a winner" (n°4), an interesting combination between strings and electric guitar, the rhythm is pretty good; "Friends stay with me" (n°10), a beautiful and pretty sad piano solo; "Beyond the dream" (n°11), played with a hautbois (oboe) and strings, very emotional; "Beyond the dream 2" (n°22)", calmer and lighter than the previous version (n°11), only played with a piano; "Peace of mind" (n°23), composed with a piano as well.

In short, an album to recommend mainly to those who saw and liked this anime. My feelings are actually mixed. On one hand, most orchestral compositions are beautiful and well-composed (even though not unforgettable); on the other hand, rock compositions are, for me, really disappointing and nothing like those of IMAHORI Tsuneo. A pity…

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