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CD Review - Hajime no Ippo Original Soundtrack 2 (review by Major Start)
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Title: Hajime no Ippo Original Soundtrack 2 - Final Round
Label: Victor Entertainment
Catalog no.: VPCG-84733
Release Date: 24/10/2001
Playing time: 59'38"
Tracks: 22
From: Japan
Price: 2.800¥
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Just like the first one, this second OST is a real jewel for all rock fans. Of course, we find again IMAHORI Tsuneo (Gungrave, Trigun) as composer.

My favorites tracks are: "Via basque" (n°1), one of the best tracks of Hajime no Ippo, which sounds like "Naked fang" (OST 1, n°12), played with the same crazy guitar. Here, trumpets give a jazzy feeling. Awesome!
"Spread ivy" (n°4), another pretty fast composition played with, among others, trumpet, drum and synthesizer, It was used during the intense training scenes.
"B.b.b." (n°8), is also an excellent instrumental, really intense and motivating. Once again played with guitar, drum, trumpet, and various sonorities. "Vagabond" (n°9) is also really good to listen to (Takamura's theme).
But for me, the best of the best, regarding electric guitar (and drum), is probably "Tumbling dice" (n°11), the beautifully composed 3rd opening theme. It is unfortunate that this music does not exist in an extended version! One thing I would say to IMAHORI: "thank you so much for this composition! Really brilliant."
The next track, "Stand proud" (n°12), is a quick reference to "Rocky Balboa's theme", with a similar rhythm of trumpets. And "Sense of tense" (n°13), is the most epic music ever played with a guitar solo!

Are also included, "Inner light" (n°21), 2nd opening sung by Shocking Lemon; and "360°" (n°22), 2nd ending theme performed by Mori Naoya.

In short, an awesome CD, just as well the first one. We can say, without doubt, that IMAHORI Tsuneo is a talented guitarist and composer. I recommend you both OST!

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