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Reviews » Kill la Kill
CD Review - Kill la Kill Original Soundtrack (review by Major Start)
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Title: Kill la Kill Original Soundtrack
Label: Sony Music Distribution
Catalog no.: SVWC-7973
Release Date: 25/12/2013
Playing time: 77'12"
Tracks: 18
From: Japan
Price: 3.240¥
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Kill la Kill Original SoundtrackKill la Kill is a TV serie of 24 episodes, released in 2013 in Japan (streaming).

I didn't see it yet, but it has not prevented me from appreciating music fully! Especially when all of them have been composed and produced by the excellent SAWANO Hiroyuki (Aldnoah.Zero, Attack on Titan, Blue Exorcist, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Zombie-Loan, Guilty Crown).

For those having loved music from the serie "Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)" or more recently "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress", you will appreciate no doubt this Soundtrack ; composed practically of the same staff (BGM & vocals) and music genre (fighting, war, action, post-apocalyptic, fantasy themes). It contains 12 BGM & 6 vocals ; sung by KOBAYASHI Mika and the rap part by David WHITAKER (n°1), Cyua (n°4), Benjamin ANDERSON (n°8, 15) & mpi (n°8), Aimee BLACKSHLEGER (n°11) and CASG, from Caramel Apple Sound Gadget (n°18)

The CD gathers different music styles, such as: electronic, orchestral, classical and rock jazz. The instruments mostly used are keyboards & piano ; as well as drums, bass, guitars, strings, trumpet, saxophones and horns.

My favorite tracks are: "Before my body is dry" (n°1), sung by KOBAYASHI Mika. However, I don't really like the rap part of by David WHITAKER (from 1'52" to 2'24 & from 2'43" to 2'57"). Hopefully, both the Mika's voice and the rock music are amazing. Especially the memorable refrain: "Don't lose your wayyyy" :)
"Blumenkranz" (n°4), sung in German and English by Cyua. Very emotional. Note, even though you are German, you wouldn't understand very much because her pronunciation. But her efforts are really appreciated!
"Kiryug@kill" (n°6), fighting and post-apocalyptic theme, that actually is the Satsuki Kiryūin theme (one of the main characters in Kill la Kill). Simply Spectacular.
"Light your heart up" (n°11), sung by Aimee BLACKSHLEGER, pretty good and optimistic, a sort of rock ballad. I especially like the intrumental composed by SAWANO Hiroyuki.
"Kill la Kill" (n°13), I love the cover instrumental part of "Don't lose your way" (n°1), from 0'50" to 1'40", with the arrival of horns and trumpet for the refrain.
"I want to know" (n°15), sad song sung by Benjamin ANDERSON. It might even make you cry. Such a beautiful song.
"Till I die" (n°18), sung by Casg, is also filled of feelings. It is both sad and beautiful at the same time! The lyrics "sprawled out on the floor" are pretty touching. One of the best song.

As mentioned below, I never watched Kill La Kill, but hearing this OST, it makes me want to watch it. More or less the same level of the Attack on Titan OST, it's just so good.

In Short, this Soundtrack is just awesome. The SAWANO Hiroyuki's music are really brilliantl! Whether it be BGM or songs all are catchy and certainly not monotonous. I highly recommend it.

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