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CD Review - Kill la Kill Original Soundtrack CD Vol.2 (review by Major Start)
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Title: Kill la Kill Original Soundtrack CD Vol.2 ~enclosed First Press Blu-ray/DVD (ANZX-9290)~
Label: Aniplex
Catalog no.: ANZX-9290
Release Date: 07/05/2014
Playing time: 74'13"
Tracks: 18
From: Japan
Price: 8.400¥
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Kill la Kill Original Soundtrack CD Vol.2Always composed and produced by SAWANO Hiroyuki (Aldnoah.Zero, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Attack on Titan, Guilty Crown), this OST 2 is only included in the "first press" DVD/Blu-ray box, Kill la Kill Vol.5. Unfortunately, it is out of print now and no longer available (second hand only).
So, it contains 18 tracks, allocated as follows: 6 karaoke versions (from n°13 to 18), 1 song (n°1) and 11 BGM (from n°2 to 12), which actually are the remaining unreleased tracks of SAWANO Hiroyuki. The style stays basically the same than the previous OST (i.e. electronic, orchestral, classical), but in lower quality, as the first was simply exceptional and varied. The instruments mostly used here are keyboard & piano ; as well as drums, bass, guitars, strings and horns.

My favorite tracks are: "Gekiban tokka-gata hitotsuboshi gokuseifuku" (n°1), a cover song of "Before my body is dry" (from OST1 n°1), still sung by KOBAYASHI Mika. I really like this version, simply awesome; "Rhythm kyouka-gata futatsuboshi gokuseifuku" (n°2), also is pretty good (especially the first part until 1'56") ; "Naming sense 0-gata itsutsuboshi gokuseifuku" (n°5), an electro-orchestral music, accompanied by chorus, heard in fighting scenes, wonderful ; "MT hensou-gata yatsuboshi gokuseifuku"(n°8), probably the best track of this OST (with the first one), it actually is the slow instrumental version of "Before my body is dry". The part till 2'20" is wonderful ; and "Tabun LASTBOSS-gata kokonotsuboshi gokuseifuku" (n°9), the epic final battle theme, note the final part (from 3'00") is explosive.

So, a good soundtrack, but without being better than the OST 1 (which is simply awesome!), dedicated to those who have seen the anime or the collectors.

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