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CD Review - One Piece 15th Anniversary Best Album (review by Major Start)
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Title: One Piece 15th Anniversary Best Album (3 CD)
Label: Avex Mode
Catalog no.: AVCA-62205~7
Release Date: 16/01/2013
Playing time: 59'58" - 50'43" - 44'27"
Tracks: 38
From: Japan
Price: 4.100¥
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This album gathers almost all songs from the TV serie, as well as some from special episodes, allocated in 3 CD.

The first one regroups first fifteen opening themes, such as the famous "We Are!" composed by TANAKA Kouhei (Angelic Layer, Gunbuster, Sakura Taisen, ESPer Mami) and sung by KITADANI Hiroshi ; a cover version of this opening on the track n°7, "We Are! ~Shichinin no Mugiwara no ichimi hen~", sung by seiyuu of Luffy's crewmates ; "We Go!" (n°15), still composed by TAKAKA Kouhei and sung by KITADANI Hiroshi. The AMURO Namie's fans will appreciate her song "Fight together" (n°14).

The disc-2 gathers 12 ending themes from the TV serie (that I personally find less interesting), and the disc-3, 6 TV ending and 5 character songs/TV special ending. Note it is included the pirate song "Binks no sake", heard, amongst others, in the episode 380, sung by Brook and the strawhat pirates. The music has been composed by TAKAKA Kouhei.

Basically, this album, containing only songs, is exclusively reserved to One Piece's fans or those that have seen the TV serie. Personally, I really like all BGM composed by TANAKA Kouhei that we can find in the album "One Piece Eizo Ongaku Kanzenban" (COCX-34151~3)

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