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CD Review - One Piece Eizo Ongaku Kanzenban (review by Major Start)
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Title: One Piece Eizo Ongaku Kanzenban (3 CD)
Label: Columbia Music Entertainment
Catalog no.: COCX-34151~3
Release Date: 31/01/2007
Playing time: 73'22" - 70'38" - 74'04"
Tracks: 67
From: Japan
Price: 4.320¥
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Containing 3 CD, this album is actually dedicated to BGM from the TV anime serie, composed for the large majority by TANAKA Kôhei (Angelic Layer, Gunbuster, Sakura Taisen, ESPer Mami) and, for the remaining tracks (CD1 n°6-9-10-11-16-17-19-20-22 ; CD2 n°1-2-15-16-17-19-20-21 ; CD3 n°2-3-14-15-16-17-18-19-20), by HAMAGUCHI Shiro (Ah! My Goddess TV, Final Fantasy: Unlimited)
Both composers are known for their beautiful symphonic compositions, and we find here a lot of these music:

Disc-1: "We did it! Party!" (n°2), symphonic version of the opening theme.
"To the Grand Line" (n°3), the first part of this track (until 1'55") is a part of one of the most beautiful theme of the anime ; the second part is dedicated to tension scenes.
"Overtaken" (n°10), is the awesome music (until 1'55") played during epic moments, just unforgettable for those which have seen the anime ; the second part of this track is less attractive.
"I'm becoming the King of Pirates" (n°12), another pretty symphonic music, full of dreams and hope.
"Stealthy night shadow" (n°20), fans will easily recognize the Buggy the clown's theme (till 1'30") ; the next parts are intrigue and suspense themes, often heard in One Piece.
As its name indicates, "Desperate situation" (n°22), is related to high tension scenes, and is played regularly in episodes. The best part is from 2'15", really intense and scary.

Disc-2: "Can't escape, Fight!" (n°1), played in victory scenes (until 1'30") ; and the second part during battles. "Uunan and the Stone Storage Room" (n°5), played during sad moments. "Departure of the Pirate King" (n°6), wonderful composition also full of hope. In the same kind, we have "Message from Uunan" (n°7), both pretty and melancholic, one of the best theme of the anime (I like the part played with trumpet from 2'15" and then accompanied with strings). "If There Are Storms There Are Stars Too" (n°15), is dedicated to high tension/danger scenes, the most known is the from 2'25" to 4'18", played, amongst others, with strident strings and church organ. Really frightening! Hopefully, the atmosphere becomes soft from 4'44" thanks to a cute and adorable music played with a musical box.
"After Eating, Grand Line!" (n°16), the first part is a calm and peaceful symphonic music, simply beautiful ; the second part (from 1'14), is a epic track played before battles or important moments.
The first part of track n°17 (until 1'25"), "Mother Sea", is probably one of the most sadness music of One Piece, heard during sad/melancholic moments.
We find an another epic moment, heard before a fight, with the orchestral and military track n°19, "The Fight Continues". The second part (from 1'00") is dedicated to the Red Hair Pirate, Shanks, played with drum and strings, really beautiful.
"Difficult" (n°20), is a recurrent theme heard during high tension and hopeless scenes. Really good. The second part (from 1"50), is, for those which have seen the anime, related to CP9 members, the top secret organization.

Disc-3: "I Can't Lose!" (n°2), sounds like an intense boss fight (until 1'45").
"GomuGomu Bazooka!!" (n°3), actually contains the memorable tracks related to Luffy's attacks. My favorites are from 0'00" to 0'55" and from 2 minutes. "Gold and Oden" (n°4), is a recurrent nostalgic music played in episodes with piano ; the second part (1'35") also is beautiful, with the oboe (hautbois) and piano.
"Serious Match" (n°17), is the Sanji's jazz theme (until 1'14") played during battles ; the third part (from 2'25") is dedicated to Franky's battle theme.
"Mezase One Piece!" (n°19), gathers several orchestral music heard at the end of battle, when all is become peaceful and calm.
"Grand Line Island (Hot)" (n°20), actually is the Alabasta island's theme, located in the desert.
"Miss All Sunday" (n°21), is the jazz theme of Nico Robin, played with saxophone and piano.
The last one, "The Great Pirate of Gold, Uunan" (n°22), actually is the Gold D. Roger's theme, short but nice composition.

Note are also included some songs, of whom the opening theme: "We are" (CD1 n°1-15); and eight character songs sung by seiyuu of Luffy's crewmates (CD1 n°8-13-18-21; CD2 n°8-10 ; CD3 n°8-9-11-13).

In short, whether you wish to get only one album of One Piece, I would higly recommend you this one (fairly complete, thanks to 3 CD). The BGM of this serie are probably among the best of anime music.

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