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Reviews » Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
CD Review - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Original Soundtrack (review by Major Start)
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Title: Sailor Moon Crystal Original Soundtrack (2 CD)
Label: King Records
Catalog no.: KICA-3226~7
Release Date: 24/12/2014
Playing time: 51'27" - 46'50"
Tracks: 30 + 24
From: Japan
Price: 3.000¥
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Sailor Moon Crystal is the new anime adaptation of Bishoujo senshi Sailor Moon, which is closer to the original manga of Naoko TAKEUCHI.
Released in December 2014, this double album deserves a particular attention. All BGMs are composed by Yasuharu TAKANASHI (Fairy Tail, Naruto Shippūden, Jigoku Shōjo, Terra e…). The least we can say is that the majority of them are beautiful, especially those sung with chorus of TANAKA Remi (nickname: REMI). Her voice is very light and opera-like, equivalent to a mezzo-soprano.

The first theme "Tsuki no densetsu", is simply magnificent! In the very first seconds, we can feel Yasuharu TAKANASHI's signature, with the presence of a female chorus (REMI) and string instruments like harp, strings, violin & viola. It looks a lot like those of the anime Terra e… The BGM is fairytale-like with its harp, captivating chorus and strings. It is absolutely magical! In short, probably the best track on this album.
In the same spirit, we can find in the first CD: "Kanashimi no fukaki fuchi" (n°21), pretty sad; "Ai wa Futatabi" (n°22), very melancholic, played by the harp and strings -the second half of this track is particulary beautiful with the female chorus-; and "Hitotoki no heian" (n°29) is a short theme, but a very emotional one.

In the second CD, we have: "Hisou no tatakai" (n°13), which reminds me of a theme in Terra e…, "Rakujitsu" (track 11, OST 2); "Tsuki no inori wo" (n°18); "Ketsui wo mune ni" (n°19); and "Ai no theme" (n°22), sweet music often played in episodes, picking up on the theme of "Ai wa Futatabi" (CD 1, n°22). Personally, I prefer this version, more simple and emotional.

The most of remaining tracks are dedicated to fighting and transformation themes. They are, in my opinion, less attractive than those of the 90's serie. I actually really miss the old transformation themes, more catchy and interesting.

In conclusion, this soundtrack is really good. Sailor Moon fans will like it, even though musics are quite different than the old anime. We can consider this work as unique and original. An album to recommend! Even only for TANAKA Remi's voice, it is worth the purchase.

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