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CD Review - Akai Ito Original Soundtrack (review by Major Start)
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Title: Akai Ito Original Soundtrack
Label: Avex Marketing
Catalog no.: AKCY-58042
Release Date: 10/12/2008
Playing time: 73'47"
Tracks: 21
From: Japan
Price: 2.880¥
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Here is the Original Soundtrack of the movie & drama series "Akai Ito" (Threads of Destiny), released in December 2008. All musics have been composed by KANNO Yuugo (Psycho-Pass, Psycho-Pass 2, Ajin, Library War) and at the very least, one can say that his compositions are beautiful. We mainly find tracks played with piano and keyboard, and the music genres are orchestral, classical and acoustic (dedicated for melancholic, romance and love themes); rock and electronic (for funny themes).

The most interesting and memorable tracks are, no doubt for me:
"Akai ito - main theme" (n°1), more than 7 minutes of happiness, divinely played by Yuugo with piano and accompanied with bass, cello, harp and strings; "Walk away ~Ichidome no deai wa gūzen~" (n°2), short and cute orchestra theme ; "Akai ito no densetsu" (n°13), a bit slower version of the main theme but still as beautiful; "Walk away ~ nidome no deai wa unmei ~" (n°20), slower ochestra version of the track n°2, simply gorgeous; and "'366 nichi' ~ Piano Version" (n°21), the last one, only played with piano, is just so sad and melancholic at the same time. Do not be surprised if you are teary-eyed! It actually closes beautifully this album.

As you will have understood, this is a wonderful CD, mainly containing love and romance orchestra themes, you must have in your collection!

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